Accolades for CineStory

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It’s a busy year already, even though it’s only February. We opened our Feature Retreat & Fellowship Contest, finished judging the TV Contest and determined the 2020 TV Fellow, and are in the midst of finalizing plans for the upcoming TV Retreat.

In the midst of all this, we decided to assess where we stand in the screenwriting contest community. It was wonderful to discover that CineStory is still ranked as one of the best screenwriting contests around.

Best of Lists

For the second year running, Script Reader Pro named us one of the 10 Best Screenwriting Contests to Supercharge Your Career. We’re always thrilled to be on this extremely prestigious list, which includes the Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Film Festival, and the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.

Also for the second year running, MovieBytes named CineStory on its list of great screenplay contests to enter, saying about us, “A trailblazer among those contests offering mentorship as part of their prize package, CineStory may be the best contest you’ve never heard of.”

Finally, we discovered that The Script Lab named CineStory as one of the biggest screenwriting competitions.

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