Meet Our 2023 Feature Fellowship Winner

We’re thrilled to introduce our 2022 Feature Fellowship winner, Kimberly Dilts, whose screenplay BREW impressed us with its brilliant voice and wit.

About beer, BREW is a Satirical Allegory condensing 200 years of Goode and Evyl, Concerning the Making of Ale, Witches, General Patriarchal Fuckery, and Three Sisters. Kim says of the script, “Humans have brewed beer since the beginning of recorded time. We worshipped it. We labored for it. In times of plague and sickness, we survived on it. And for most of human history, brewing – its techniques, recipes, and secrets – were the domain of women. Until one medieval day, when everything changed.”

As this year’s Feature Fellowship winner, Kim receives free tuition and housing for this year’s retreat as well as a private advisory session at the retreat with all the mentors. In addition, she receives a cash prize of $10,000 and a 12-month fellowship program with two of our mentors.

Kim is a writer/producer/director who pens absurd comedy as a balm for the apocalypse. She is the co-founder of Scrappy Cat, an indie production company with a slate of projects including features, docs, music videos and shorts. Kim’s former work includes producing, directing, and performing Off-Broadway and on tour. Kim discovered screenwriting while producing her first indie feature, a process that killed her – she is now a very talented ghost haunting the east coast.

Congratulations again to Kim!

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