Congratulations to Our 2021 TV Fellow, Louisa Makaran!

We’re thrilled to introduce our 2021 TV Fellowship winner, Louisa Makaron, whose winning original drama script, PAPERGIRL, impressed us with its frank, funny voice and vibrant characterizations. In PAPERGIRL, as World War II winds down and men return from the front, a plucky newspaperwoman fights to keep her job.

Louisa grew up in “Sin City”Las Vegas, NV — so it’s understandable that her overprotective, single mother was very concerned for her spiritual well being, so many of their weekends were spent “church hopping”. FYI: Church hopping is kind of like bar hopping, but instead of beer, you get Jesus… and sometimes wine too.

Because it is often 117 degrees in Las Vegas, when she wasn’t hopping from church to church, Louisa was usually inside, devouring a steady diet of movie musicals, screwball comedies, and those really excellent Olsen Twins mystery videos. Which honestly, will probably be pretty obvious if you ever read any of her writing.

In recent years, Louisa has worked in post-production, where she is very often the only woman in the room. Her experiences of being made to feel out of place or less than in a male-dominated field have fueled her interest in telling hopeful stories about people who have been told that they don’t belong.

When she’s not writing or staying in her apartment because of a global pandemic, Louisa loves traveling, live theatre, and going to her favorite fast casual restaurant: Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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