Congratulations to Our 2020 TV Division Quarterfinalists & Semifinalists

We’re pleased to announce the Original Drama, Comedy, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy division quarterfinalists and the Original Children/Family division semifinalists for our 2020 TV Retreat & Fellowship Contest! NEW DIVISIONS This year, we introduced new divisions to the TV Contest, which now includes Original Drama Pilots (1 hr), Original Comedy Pilots (30 min), Original SciFi/Fantasy Pilots (1 […]

Congrats, 2019 TV Original Division Quarterfinalists & Episodic Spec Division Semifinalists!

We’ve finished the first round of judging for the 2019 TV Retreat & Fellowship Contest. Congratulations to our Original Comedy and Drama Quarterfinalists, and to our Episodic Comedy and Drama Semifinalists! This was an extremely competitive year, so it’s quite a feat to make it to this level.

2017 TV/Digital Semifinalists/Quarterfinalists Announced

2017 TV/Digital Semifinalists & Quarterfinalists Announced

Congratulations to all our semifinalists and quarterfinalists for the 2017 TV-Digital Retreat, who are listed below.

2016 TV/New Media Semifinalists & Quarterfinalists Announced

Please Note: Since There Were Multiple Submission Categories, Some Categories Received More Submissions Than Others, So That’s Why Certain Categories Already Have Semifinalists And The Rest Are Quarterfinalists. Semifinalists – Spec Drama THE AMERICANS “THE PROMISE LAND” – Grant Jenkins BATES MOTEL “THREE MOTHERS” – Jared Ronin BETTER CALL SAUL “DOMINGO” – Jared Ronin MAD […]