Meet Travis Opgenorth, Our 2018 Feature Fellow

We’re thrilled to introduce the 2018 CineStory Feature Fellow, Travis Opgenorth, whose winning screenplay THE POACHER swept us away with its tense, dramatic turns.

Originally from rural Wisconsin, Travis grew up surrounded by farms, dirt racetracks, and auto junkyards. Now, he lives in L.A. where he has built a career as a post production professional while also writing multiple award-winning scripts. His scripts have won or placed in twenty-five different contests, including first place in both the Creative World Awards and the Nashville Film Festival (Action/Thriller), finalist in the PAGE Awards, and semi-finalist in the Nichols Screenplay Fellowship. Travis stated, however, that “winning the CineStory Feature Fellowship is by far my most prestigious and potentially impactful win.”

A reluctant adventurer, Travis is always trying to expose himself to diverse life experiences, and he enjoys writing stories that make history thrilling while trying to craft his own thrilling history. During his downtime (laughs), Travis enjoys playing on the floor with his two young kids and sitting poolside with his wife and a beer.


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