And the 2019 TV Division Winners Are…

We’re pleased to announce the division winners of the 2019 CineStory TV Retreat and Fellowship competition.

Meet the 2018 TV/Digital Division Winners

We invite you to get to know our wonderful 2018 TV/Digital division winners: Congratulations to them all! Original Drama Winner JOEY SIARA Joey Siara grew up in Whittier, California. His dad was a cop and his mom a teacher. He spent his twenties in a rather loud indie-rock band called The Henry Clay People – […]

2018 TV/Digital Fellowship Division Winners

We are pleased to announce the 2018 TV/Digital Fellowship division winners! Many thanks to all the talented writers who competed this year, and congratulations to the winners!

2018 TV/Digital Web Series Divisions Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 TV/Digital Web Series Division winners!

Meet our 2017 TV/Digital Category Winners

DIGITAL SERIES – COURTNEY HOPE THEROND & EMILY CLAIRE UTLEY Courtney Hope Thérond, creator and co-writer of the digital series Between Us Girls, is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where her short film Sex & German Grammar won awards for screenwriting and cinematography. After graduation she completed a Cinereach Film Fellowship focusing […]

2017 TV/Digital Category Winners Announced

Below is a list of our category winners for the 2017 TV/Digital Retreat. All of our Winners will be considered for the CineStory TV Fellowship.

Meet Our 2016 TV/Digital Division Winners

JARED RONIN – SPEC DRAMA: BETTER CALL SAUL “DOMINGO” Jared Ronin began writing scripts after reading A Streetcar Named Desire at his Tennessee high school. His work drew him to New York where he graduated with a BFA in Dramatic Writing from Purchase College in 2009. After writing commercials for various companies around the country, television production […]

Announcing our 2016 Category Winners

Below is a list of our winners. All of our 1st Place Category Winners will be considered for the CineStory TV Fellowship which will be announced in mid-March.