CineStory’s Campaign for a New Website

For over 17 years, CineStory, a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has been dedicated to nurturing original voices in screenwriting. Alumni have penned films such as IRON MAN, CHILDREN OF MEN, BALLAST, KING OF CALIFORNIA, DARK MATTER and PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND.

In 2013, CineStory seeks to launch a new website to provide tools for aspiring and emerging screenwriters wherever they may be. 

Acting as a trusted source of information, the new CineStory website will bring this artistic community free podcasts, webinars, forums and articles about the craft and business of screenwriting.

Curated from existing resources as well as drawing on CineStory’s stable of incredible mentors, all of whom are working Hollywood professionals, the site will offer in-depth advice and analysis on all things screenwriting that blends real world expertise with a love of the craft in its purest form.

If you love great films, consider supporting great screenwriters with a tax deductible donation that includes all kinds of perks!



One 60-min Skype/phone meeting with Academy Award nominated writer Mark Fergus (CHILDREN OF MEN, IRON MAN, COWBOYS AND ALIENS) plus one 60-min meeting with literary agent and founder of THE CALLAMARO AGENCY  Lisa Callamaro.


Redbelt Package #1

REDBELT book signed by David Mamet,

REDBELT T-shirt, Prop slate from ‘Perimeter Mark’, Prop director’s chair canvas from ‘Perimeter Mark’


Redbelt Package #2

REDBELT DVD, REDBELT baseball cap,

REDBELT hoodie, Prop ‘Instructor’s Award’ wall plaque


The Unit Package

THE UNIT Seasons 1-3 DVDs,

THE UNIT cap, Episode #404 script signed by David Mamet



General Package

SPEED THE PLOW T-shirt, SPEED THE PLOW Money clip, SPEED THE PLOW Key chain, REDBELT Fleece, THE UNIT water bottle





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