And the 2017 TV/Digital Fellow Is…

From the talented pool of writers, we are excited to announce Chase Pletts as the 2017 CineStory TV/Digital Fellow!

Chase was born in a bathtub in New York City.

At seven years old, banished to the bedroom during an adults-only holiday party, he discovered a tape of The Exorcist and popped it into the VCR. The nightmares only lasted a few years, but his fascination with cinema has lasted a lifetime.

Chase was always composing funny songs and poems, but it was his stepfather, an English professor from Argentina, who pushed him to deepen his understanding of other perspectives by reading the classics and writing short stories.

Chase’s screenplays have been featured on The Black List and The Hit List and his mother’s list of best writers she gave birth to in a bathtub.

Earlier this year, Chase began writing his debut novel The Loving Wrath of Eldon Quint. It will be published by Inkshares in 2018 and available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

He is honored to have been chosen as Cinestory’s 2017 TV/DIGITAL Fellow.

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