Accolades for CineStory

We’re always so busy at CineStory with our yearly feature and TV contests and retreats, as well as other, new, informative events, that we rarely get the time to sit down and assess where we stand in the screenwriting contest community. So it was a great surprise to discover that we recently made some best screenwriting contest lists.

Best of Lists

Script Reader Pro named us one of the 10 Best Screenwriting Contests to Supercharge Your Career in 2019. We’re thrilled to be on this extremely prestigious list, which includes the Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Film Festival, and the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.

MovieBytes also put CineStory on its list of screenplay contests to enter in 2019, which includes both TV and screenplay competitions.

CineStory is also listed on Coverfly as a top-rated screenplay competition, along with a number of great Screencraft contests, the PAGE International Screenwriting Competition, and other great contests.

And then there’s this list of the best UK and US screenplay contests curated by the UK-based Script Angel. Script Angel updates this list monthly, so it’s both a great honor to appear on it and a great resource for screenwriters looking to boost their careers. And we at CineStory are always looking for ways to help screenwriters and TV writers boost their careers!

We Want to Hear From You!

Please feel free to share any resources or best of lists in the comments! And please be sure to SUBMIT NOW to our 2019 Feature Retreat & Fellowship Contest!!


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