To All Writers, Mentors, Filmmakers, & Friends

A couple of months ago, the CineStory Foundation became aware that there’s a film festival in Arizona calling itself the CineStory International Film Festival.

Let us be clear: we have NO AFFILIATION with this other organization.

Since this is their first year in operation and we’ve been active for over 20 years, we consulted with a trademark attorney who informed us that they are in violation of common-law trademark.

So last week, we sent them a cease-and-desist letter to notify them of their violation stating that they need to change their name. But when FedEx attempted to deliver their letter, FedEx said they couldn’t because their address (which is on their website) does not have a floor nor a suite number. On top of that, the address was for a hospital.

Now, there are some real questions surrounding their validity as even being a legitimate film festival. So if you have any friends or colleagues currently submitting films to festivals, please caution them about submitting to this group.

Also, we want to stop this group from negatively affecting us in any way, because we have worked extremely hard so when people hear the name CineStory, they think about screenwriting, the retreats, mentorship, and community.

In the end, we all know there’s the only one true CineStory and need to make sure everyone else does, too.

Your Friends at the CineStory Foundation

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