Meet the 2015 Feature Fellow


Matthew Fantaci was raised on a strict diet of comic books, genre fiction and horror, gangster, and art house movies so that he would have an appreciation for the finer things when he came of age.  His parents still shake their heads somberly when reminded of the fact that they took him to see “Goodfellas” in theaters when he was only 11 years old. But Matthew Fantaci only smiles.  For he knows it was from that little acorn of a movie-going experience (and many others like it) that he became enthralled with the world of visual storytelling.

From his humble beginnings foraging for berries and leaves in Brooklyn, NY, to his humble present day living in Los Angeles, CA, Matthew Fantaci has always dreamed of making movies.  On the internet he heard tales told of a place called Idyllwild. A place where other people with the same dream all met and shared high hopes and lessons learned and the same love for moving pictures – and who wouldn’t want to go to such a magical place as this?  He is honored to be picked as CineStory’s Fellow for 2015.

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