CineStory Podcast: Writing for Four Quadrants

  This month we ask the question, ‘What are the four quadrants and why do they matter?’ Recorded at CineStory 2012, in this session executives Jessica Julius and Leah Estrin discuss what it takes to write for all four quadrants, what works in family films, what doesn’t and why.  

Podcast: What’s in a Concept?

  This month on the podcast, we share with you a discussion about the most fundamental element of a screenplay: its concept. Recorded at CineStory 2012, in this session pro writers Mark Fergus and Philip Eisner discuss what makes for a great concept. Between them, Mark and Philip have been responsible for films such as […]

Podcast EP 107: CineStory Beginnings

  This month we bring you a conversation with Pamela Pierce, CineStory’s Executive Director Emeritus, about why she co-founded CineStory and how the industry, and screenwriting, has evolved since then. One of the original recipients of the Nicholl Fellowship, Pam has been working with emerging screenwriters for over two decades. In this podcast, we discuss […]

Podcast Ep 106: The Hyphenate Question

THE HYPHENATE QUESTION – IS IT STILL POSSIBLE TO BE “JUST A WRITER”? From writer-directors to writer-producers, many writers make their mark by wearing two hats. What kinds of opportunities does the hyphenate open up? Does having a reel, short film or webseries that you directed or produced add value to your career? In this […]

April Podcast – Writing for TV

  Some say we are living in a golden age of television. From zombies to serial killers to singing teens, it seems like there’s more original programming than ever. But does this also mean more opportunities for new writers? What are the practical steps you need to take if you’re considering a career in television? […]

March Podcast: Screenwriting Tips for Pros

Ever wondered how the pros do it? Here’s your chance to hear working Hollywood writers share advice, tools and methods for mastering the craft of screenwriting. Featuring Philip Eisner, Jonathan Fernandez, Glenn Gers, Meg LeFauve and Pat Verducci. Thanks to our mentors for participating in the session and for giving permission to share this with […]

February Podcast: Interview with Writer/Producer Meg LeFauve & Writer/Director Pat Verducci

  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this discussion with Writer/Producer Meg LeFauve and Writer/Director Pat Verducci explores the importance of writing from heart as well as maintaining a consistent tone, executing exciting set pieces and much more. Thanks to our mentors for participating in the session and for giving permission to share this with […]

Podcast #2: How to be a Working Screenwriter

  For the first time ever, step inside a CineStory informal room! Recorded at the 2011 Retreat, this podcast features two literary managers discussing strategies for writing scripts that sell, spec’ing TV shows, as well as finding and working with a manager or agent.  

Inaugural CineStory Podcast with Mark Fergus

  CineStory is delighted to be launching its podcast series with this Q&A session with previous CSA winner and mentor, Mark Fergus. Recorded at a live From Script to Screen event this May, hear this Academy Award nominee discuss his work on CHILDREN OF MEN, IRON MAN and COWBOYS AND ALIENS as well as answering questions about […]