2020 Feature Retreat & Fellowship Contest is Open

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

We are officially accepting submissions for our 2020 Feature Retreat & Fellowship Competition! Send us your best work for the opportunity to attend the retreat and win the Feature Fellowship, which includes a one year mentorship with two entertainment industry professionals and a $10,000 award!


This year’s retreat takes place October 17th – 20th in Idyllwild, CA. Attendees receive three 90-minute one-on-one sessions with CineStory mentors. During these sessions, attendees can discuss anything from the script(s) they submitted for feedback to jump-starting their writing careers.

When not meeting in one-on-one sessions, attendees participate in “informal rooms,” which are interactive sessions run by two to three mentors. Informal rooms cover topics ranging from pitching like a pro to the state of filmmaking in the digital age. In addition, attendees and mentors gather for meals, drinks, film screenings, and other special events.


As noted above, this year’s retreat takes place on October 17th – October 22nd. Our submission deadlines and fees are listed below, along with approximate announcement dates.

Deadlines and Submission Fees

  • Early Deadline – January 19, 2020 ($60)
  • Regular Deadline – February 8, 2020 ($70)
  • Late Deadline – March 15, 2020 ($80)
  • Extended Late Deadline – April 19, 2020 ($85)


  • Quarterfinalists – Mid-June
  • Semifinalists/Invitees – Early August
  • Finalists – Early September
  • Fellow – Mid-September

Click here for additional details about our Feature Retreat & Fellowship Contest.


Take advantage of our our Early Deadline Submission Fee, offered until January 19, 2020! We want to read your scripts – submit now!


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