Congrats, 2019 TV Original Division Semifinalists

After another intensive round of judging, we’re pleased to announce the semifinalists of our 2019 TV Original Division Finalists. Congratulations to these talented writers, and many thanks to all who entered!

Original Drama Semifinalists

  • A LITTLE SOMETHING LIKE THIS by Marcus Thomas (Chicago, IL)
  • AHEAD OF THE THREAT by Ryan Gavan & Jen Kleiner (Los Angeles, CA)
  • ALICE WATSON, PARANORMALIST by Kristin Kirby (Eatonville, WA)
  • APACHE  by Cameron Barsanti
  • BACK-ALLEY by Young Eun (Grace) Kim (Los Angeles, CA)
  • BELOVED, aka SHROUD OF MYSTERY by Tammy Gross (Orlando, FL)
  • BERLINER: 138486 by Ian Wilson (West Hollywood, CA)
  • BLACKBALL by Kathryn Nawrocki (Culver City, CA)
  • BRANDED by Christian Lybrook (Bosie, ID)
  • COMPANION by Nicholas Leitzke (Roanoke, VA)
  • CORRECTIONS by Caitlin Scherer (Cranford, NJ)
  • DEAR DRUNK AUNT by Shannon Latimer (Los Angeles, CA)
  • FAUST by Melinda-Catherine Gross & Michael Nixon (North Hollywood, CA)
  • GALAPÁGOS by Lukas Hassel (New York, NY)
  • GILDED CITY by Michael Robin (West Hollywood, CA)
  • HELL OFF EARTH by David Pirinelli (Los Angeles, CA)
  • HOMEGROWN by Kate Thorman (London, UK)
  • GARY – IT’S ALL RELATIVE by Michael Davis (Owego, NY)
  • KEEPERS by Christine Autrand Mitchell (Tigard, OR)
  • KINGDOM OF GOD by Travis Opgenorth (Los Angeles, CA)
  • LEGACY by Kellen Hertz (Los Angeles, CA)
  • LIZ-AT-LAW by Douglas Stark (Glendale, CA)
  • LOST EDEN CANYON by Alan R. Baxter (Valencia, CA)
  • MOTHER NATURE: FLOOD by E. Napoletano (Chicago, IL)
  • MOUNT PLEASANT by Cat Dale (Bozemaqn, MT)
  • NATIONS by Kathleen Cromie (Burbank, CA)
  • OUTPOST by Troy Perkins (Wyliw, TX)
  • PART by Craig Page (Sacramento, CA)
  • PHOENIX RISING by Tami Anderson (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • TEN THOUSAND ISLANDS by Peter Short & Sue Batterton (Dallas, TX)
  • THE DOCTOR STORIES by Mark Gallini & Arden Kass (Philadelphia, PA)
  • THE DOCTOR WILL KILL YOU NOW by J.E. Fishman (Chadds Ford, PA)
  • THE RESURRECTIONISTS by Travis Opgenorth (Los Angeles, CA)
  • TIME BOMB by Katherine Ruppe (Venice, CA)
  • UNDER PRE$$URE by Ian Wilson (West Hollywood, CA)
  • WEST OF THE BLUE LINE by Kirston Fortune (Chicago, IL)
  • WINTER, CA by Jesse Fox & Adam Linzey (Los Angeles, CA)

Original Comedy Semifinalists

  • BLURS by Jonterri Gadson (New York, NY)
  • CADAVEROSITY by Gabe Berry (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • CARRY ME by Amy Barrett (Claremont, CA)
  • CLEANING HOUSE by Nicole Fairbrother (Vancouver, BC)
  • CO-OP by Carrie McCrossen (Los Angeles, CA)
  • FIXING UP by Kristine Eckert (Northridge, CA)
  • GAME ON by Rowena Pedrena (Glendale, CA)
  • HOLD UP FOR OLYMPUS by Gian-Paul Bergeron & Kevin Kelly (Los Angeles, CA)
  • JUNIOR DETECTIVE SQUAD by Jeremy Brothers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • KITTY STARDUST & THE CORNER STORE by Diana Cherkas & Ilene A Fischer (Queens, NY)
  • PRO BONO by Eran Lagstein (Sherman Oaks, CA)
  • QUARTERS by Tony Nichols (Los Angeles, CA)
  • RE-GRAM by Honora Talbott (Los Angeles, CA)
  • STARTER HOME by Kathleen McMaster (Truro, Nov Scotia)
  • TALK THERAPY by Thomas Moore (New York, NY)
  • THE BOX by Wendy Braff (North Hollywood, CA)
  • THE REBOOTS by Andrea Lawson (Los Angeles, CA)


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