Congratulations to the 2013 Feature Semifinalists

After more careful, and difficult, deliberations, we are proud to announce the semifinalists of the 2013 CineStory Screenwriting Awards. Each writer below has earned an invitation to the 2013 Retreat and is in the running for the CineStory Fellowship. Congratulations to you all!


11 – Troy Taylor, Melbourne, Australia

ALBERT’S LIE – Judy Vann, Los Angeles, CA

ANOTHER GOODBYE – Ryan Christopher Churchill, Toronto, Canada

ANOTHER LIFE – Sal Bardo, Weehawken, NJ

CAKE – Patrick Tobin, Long Beach, CA

CUTTER’S DAUGHTER – Curtis David Sackett, Los Angeles, CA

CUTTING NUMBERS – Morgan von Ancken, New York, NY

DEAD DOLORES – Michael Yagnow, Brooklyn, NY

EXVITRO – Maria Hinterkoerner, New Orleans, LA

FIRST LIGHT – Douglas Stark, Glendale, CA

FISH STICKS – Stephen Buck, Marina del Rey, CA

FLOATING PRINCESS – Lyvia A Martinez, Burbank, CA

FUTURE SCHOOL – Uli Izar, Los Angeles, CA

I, OF THE HURRICANE – Ken Pearson, Scottsdale, AZ

JOKERS & THIEVES – Mark Rathaus, Westlake Village, CA

KEENER – Corey Mayne, Windsor, Canada

LOUSY LAY – Robert Keith Watson, Sherman Oaks, CA

LUCY GOES BALLISTIC – Charlie Lyons, Somerville, MA

NEVERSLEEP – Giles Daoust, Bruxelles, Belgium

OFFSIDES – Rebekah Reaves, Houston, TX

SEVEN DAYS IN ROSETOWN – David Hudacek, Lexington MA

SIX WEEKS IN HEAVEN – Chris Phillips, Sydney, Australia

SNAPPER – Claire Fowler, Bronx, NY

THE BECKONING BUSH – Deborah Vajda, St. Paul, MN

THE CLEAR HORIZON – William Flannigan, Glendale, CA

THE CROSSING – Shawn Pittard, Sacramento, CA


THE RIM OF THE WORLD – Bettina Moss, Los Angeles, CA

THE TURNING SEASON – Monique Mata, Little Compton, RI

WRATH – Abraham Frank, Los Angeles, CA

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