Meet the 2011 CineStory Fellow, Celeste Wolfe

Celeste hails from a colorful family, with a gun-running paternal great-great-grand-father and a maternal grandfather who worked as a press agent for Chiang-Kai Shek.  Celeste is proud to be an American-born Ching-Chong despite the endured slurs of “slant-eye,” jap/gook/chink and back to jap again.  Like any good Asian, Celeste did well in academics and escaped her traditional home by skipping her senior year in high school and fleeing to U.C. Davis.

After college, Celeste decided she’d head to Hollywood and landed work for Wilhelmina Models and Weintraub Entertainment.  Later she became a personal assistant for Brenda Vaccaro, then moved on to being a casting assistant with Henderson/Hanley.

Having had her fun with the feast and famine of Hollywood, Celeste got serious and earned an M.A. in clinical psychology, secured her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and promptly got married.  After twenty years serving the mentally ill, she decided to try a Second Act – screenwriting.   She has two produced “Story By” credits on the syndicated TV show “Andromeda.”  Her modern-day M*A*S*H — “Embrace the Suck” — was optioned by Fox.

Celeste has won numerous screenwriting competitions, including Best Action Adventure Script in the Los Angeles Film Festival, and her “Grey’s Anatomy” spec “Bad Reputation” was a semi-finalist with NBC’s Writers on the Verge in 2009.   Her spec pilot “The Four Reasons” won her a place in the 2010 Producer’s Guild Diversity Program.  And now in 2011, Celeste is a Cinestory winner with her cold-war kiddie film, SPOTNIK.

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