And the TV/Digital Fellowship Winner Is…

From a talented field of writers, we’re proud to announce L.M. Harter as the 1st ever CineStory TV Fellow!

L.M. grew up in an old coal miner’s house and was first runner up Little Miss Parade of the Hills Pageant (to this day she still believes the other girl cheated.) She took her driver’s exam with a drunk instructor who kept passing out, no windshield wipers in the rain, a driver’s door that wouldn’t open, and to top it all off: a pregnant cat hyperventilating while pacing around the pedals. Between the Mennonites who lived next door and painted sewage pipes as playground equipment she had a very traditional childhood.

She eventually collected impractical degrees in Communications from Ohio University and a Screenwriting MFA from the University of Texas resulting in prettily framed papers that her office wall quite appreciates. She started her own production company, making a few shorts that have screened globally (but does it count if the festival misspells the name of your short?)  Her scripts have done well at Slamdance, the Austin Film Festival, Zoetrope, Table Read My Screenplay and Screencraft’s Screenwriters’ Residency.

Lover of TV, gin, sleep and occasional recreational activities like binge watching depressing documentaries on Netflix. She is beyond excited and flattered to be Cinestory’s 2016 TV/Digital Fellow.

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