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April Podcast – Writing for TV

  Some say we are living in a golden age of television. From zombies to serial killers to singing teens, it seems like there’s more original programming than ever. But does this also mean more opportunities for new writers? What are the practical steps you need to take if you’re considering a career in television? […]

March Podcast: Screenwriting Tips for Pros

Ever wondered how the pros do it? Here’s your chance to hear working Hollywood writers share advice, tools and methods for mastering the craft of screenwriting. Featuring Philip Eisner, Jonathan Fernandez, Glenn Gers, Meg LeFauve and Pat Verducci. Thanks to our mentors for participating in the session and for giving permission to share this with […]

Three Webinars You Can’t Afford to Miss

The launch of the 2012 CineStory webinar series is right around the corner. So pre-register today to reserve your place. Affordably priced with discounted packages, topics include preparing your material for the market place, understanding how recent changes in the Hollywood system affect screenwriters and advice on how to resolve nagging story issues. Webinars take place in […]

February Podcast: Interview with Writer/Producer Meg LeFauve & Writer/Director Pat Verducci

  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this discussion with Writer/Producer Meg LeFauve and Writer/Director Pat Verducci explores the importance of writing from heart as well as maintaining a consistent tone, executing exciting set pieces and much more. Thanks to our mentors for participating in the session and for giving permission to share this with […]

Dreams on Spec

Follow three follow three aspiring screenwriters in this documentary that explores how far people will go – and how much they will sacrifice – for the chance to pursue their dreams. The film also features pro writers such as Nora Ephron, Steven de Souza and Paul Guay. Check it out on Snag Films for free.

Meet the 2011 CineStory Fellow, Celeste Wolfe

Celeste hails from a colorful family, with a gun-running paternal great-great-grand-father and a maternal grandfather who worked as a press agent for Chiang-Kai Shek.  Celeste is proud to be an American-born Ching-Chong despite the endured slurs of “slant-eye,” jap/gook/chink and back to jap again.  Like any good Asian, Celeste did well in academics and escaped […]