2018 TV/Digital Fellowship Division Winners

We are pleased to announce the 2018 TV/Digital Fellowship division winners! Many thanks to all the talented writers who competed this year, and congratulations to the winners!

Web Series:

1st Place: TWO WEEKS by Melissa & Benjamin Oren – Los Angeles, CA

2nd Place: ONE UP: THE MUSICAL by Mary Bonney & Matt Dahan – Burbank, CA

3rd Place: FINAL CUT: A MURDER MYSTERY MUSICAL by Catelin Pereira – Valley Glen, CA


Episodic Spec Comedy:

1st Place: BROAD CITY “SHAPE UP” by Craig Packard – Seattle, WA

2nd Place: MASTER OF NONE “ JACK OF ALL TRADES” by Sitara Falcon – Los Angeles, CA

3rd Place: CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND “I’M GRIEVING WITH JOSH!” by Paul Ditty – Long Beach, CA


Episodic Spec Drama:

1st Place: BETTER CALL SAUL “ABEL” by Michael Robin – West Hollywood, CA

2nd Place: LONGMIRE “THE LEVITT CITY COOPERATIVE” by Jess Grant – Edmonds, WA

3rd Place: SUPERGIRL “ECLIPSED” by Yanjuan Song – Boston, MA


Original Comedy:

1st Place: RICE, FISH & LA CROIX by Naomi Iwamoto – Los Angeles, CA

2nd Place: CHOSEN by Erin Fischer – Studio City, CA

3rd Place: SAUSAGE MCFEE by Crystal Hubbard – Nashville, TN


Original Drama:

1st Place: YORBA LINDA HARD CORE by Joey Siara – Los Angeles, CA

2nd Place: SO WHO’S GOT THE GUN by Sheila Jenca – Los Angeles, CA

3rd Place: SILICON CURVE by Heidi Nyburg – Santa Cruz, CA