CAKE to be Released in 2014

A huge congratulations to CineStory fellows Daniel Barnz and Patrick Tobin on the announcement that their film CAKE will be released by Cinelou Releasing. Read more details about what Cinelou Releasing is planning for the release here.

CAKE Premiering at Toronto Film Festival

2013 Fellow Patrick Tobin and his movie CAKE starring Jennifer Aniston will be premiering at this year’s Toronto Film Festival! We couldn’t be more excited for him!

Meet the 2014 Fellow

Hank Hoffman (PATIENT 36) is a proud comic book geek with a unique expertise in ancient Jewish mysticism and Pythagorean numerology.  His fascination in the “supra-rational” began after his nine-year-old brother claimed to see auras, angels and demons. At first, Hank was convinced his little brother had lost his grip on reality, but after his […]

And the 2014 Winners Are…

As usual it was a very lively debate at the finals judges’ dinner. From a wonderful field of finalists, the winners are: GRAND PRIZE – 2014 CINESTORY FELLOW PATIENT 36 – Hank Hoffman, Los Angeles, CA SECOND PLACE CLOUDS OF SORROW – Jack Davidson, Sparks, NV THIRD PLACE WHAT ROUGH BEAST – Kranti Pally, Madison, NJ   Our deepest […]

Fellowship Cash Prize Doubled

We are happy to announce that for this year’s CineStory Screenwriting Awards, the winner of the year-long Fellowship will receive a cash prize of $10,000! We’ve also increased the pay out to our 2nd Place and 3rd Place Winners to $1000 and $500, respectively. Please keep checking in as we continue to work throughout the […]

Meet the 2013 Feature Fellow, Patrick Tobin

PATRICK TOBIN – CAKE Patrick Tobin started writing when he was ten because a local grocery store had a Thanksgiving poetry contest for kids. The creative process proved hard-there are not a lot of words that rhyme with Turkey and Pilgrim-but he managed to come in third place. When they put his poem above the deli section, […]

Celeste Wolfe on her CineStory Feature Fellowship

“Congratulations you have won the 2011 Cinestory Fellowship!”  When I read those words, I was floored and more than excited for my adventure with Cinestory.  I had been looking for a mentorship that would help me grow and mature as a screenwriter.  I found it with Pam Pierce, Cléa Frost, Willie Hagan, Lisanne Sartor, Jason […]

Meet the 2012 Feature Fellow: Lukas Hassel

Born and raised in Denmark, Lukas Hassel left family and friends behind at the tender age of 19 to study acting at Trinity College’s Samuel Beckett Theatre School in Dublin, Ireland. Some seven years later, ambitions, opportunity, and a desire to experience New York drove him across the Atlantic Ocean in 1996. He still happily […]

2010 Fellow April Rouveyrol Takes You Inside The Retreat

When I first came to the Cinestory retreat in September 2010, I remember riding  up the winding road to Idyllwild filled with apprehension and nausea, due to an emotional Molotov cocktail of writer’s insecurity, career doubt and maternal guilt; this was the first separation from my 3-year-old daughter for more than a night. Even though […]

Meet the 2011 CineStory Fellow, Celeste Wolfe

Celeste hails from a colorful family, with a gun-running paternal great-great-grand-father and a maternal grandfather who worked as a press agent for Chiang-Kai Shek.  Celeste is proud to be an American-born Ching-Chong despite the endured slurs of “slant-eye,” jap/gook/chink and back to jap again.  Like any good Asian, Celeste did well in academics and escaped […]